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My Kundalini yoga residency ○ Prelude

Dernière mise à jour : 20 mars 2021

This weekend, I started a Kundalini yoga residency. I will be trained to teach it, yes, but for now, I'm going to keep the experience for myself. I've been wanting to learn about and experience kundalini yoga since 2017, so I'm quite stoked for this journey.

On Friday night, to start of the training, my mentor, guide, friend Kimiko Tao Fujimoto (

had us pull a card for ourselves to receive the clarity we needed to start us off. Of course, I got the Death card, when I asked my deck What would be the outcome of this training for me. I laughed. Of all the transformations I've gone through, this might just be the One I was looking for all along. Or maybe all my previous changes and evolutions were leading to this. Or maybe all that Scorpio energy in my chart makes me one of them Children of the Great Transformers, and I'm always gonna be transforming, all the time, forever. Which honestly, I'd be ok with.

I'll be keeping a blog account of my journey, as an effort in vulnerability, a way of sharing my passion for yoga, and as notes carved in the interweb forever for me to record my evolution, and above all, to help me understand my relationship with yoga.

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