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Dernière mise à jour : 17 mars 2021

Has it ever occured to you that these words all seem to stem from the same source?

Saraswati is the muse.

She is the inspiration herself. When Brahma needed inspiration, Saraswati sprang forth. And when Brahma wanted to keep her for himself, Saraswati made it clear that no, she belonged to herself, and would be of service to all the creatrixes and creators of music and lyrical art as our Inspiration.


I could never exactly figure out why Saraswati was so dominant in my psyche. I always felt so deeply attracted to her, the strongest pull in my heart. I gravitated to her as my patron. To me, a goddess that inspires us to create music and words deeply steeped in utmost wisdom was my jam. I wouldn't overthink it, but thought it was pretty interesting. Of all patronesses, there's something about her.

It wasn't until this past weekend that I fully realized the scale and grandeur of my relationship with her.

Kundalini is the yoga of Sound. Saraswati is Sound herself. In the beginning, there was Sound. Saraswati.

A lover of sound herself, and a very strong consciousness of the importance of creating songs and lyrical art that pervades messages of the deepest wisdom -that is me.

🦚🧡 🦢Whatever you do with your art, with your life, she says, make sure you're doing this to help people. To free people. To help people evolve. 🦢🧡 🦚

This is why my art is what/how it is. This is why I am who/what I am. This is why I'm so, so drawn to the practice of Kundalini Yoga, and why it matters to me so much to experience it, and be able to share it.

When my friend Natalie gave me this poster of Saraswati, she gifted me with beautiful iconography of my patroness and mentor. I also have a tiny statue of her, bought way back around 2014 or so.


My new album and projects are all propelled by the love of Saraswati. I'm also starting very soon a new yoga series, designed for singers and creatrixes of music, which of course will have Saraswati as the core of our work.

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